Santry Theory Test Centre

Santry Theory Test Centre Address

The location of the test centre for driver theory test candidates is:

Unit 223 Omni Park Shopping Centre,



Santry is located in the northern suburbs of Dublin and is therefore easily accessible by car. Please use the M50 motorway loop, which facilitates travel right around the perimeter of the capital. The M50 connects to roads in every direction, including the M11, N81, N7, N4, M4, M3, N2 and M1.

However, there are no parking options within 1.5km of the test centre, so please select your mode of transport carefully. We’ve highlighted the nearest two below, which are both reasonably priced, and within a decent walking distance from the venue.

Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport

Parking is permitted here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The first two hours of parking are free; however, you’ll need more time than this to make the journey to and from the test centre, and of course, conduct your examination. Each additional hour parked is charged at a rate of €1. Alternatively, you can opt to acquire a full-day ticket for €6. However, unless you’re planning to spend some time in Santry after your test, it will be more cost-efficient to pay by the hour.

This site accepts both cash and card payment but does not process contactless transactions. Disabled spaces are available here.

If walking to the test centre, please allow for around twenty minutes onwards travel time. The walk is a fairly simple route, heading east from the car park down Northwood Avenue, before taking a right onto Swords Road. Continue walking in a straight line for approximately 1.5km, until you reach the Omni Shopping Centre, where the theory test venue is located.

There is a bus route available that will serve to shave off some of your journey time. On leaving Northwood Avenue, this time take a left, and advance around 100m until you locate the bus stop on your left-hand side. Take the number 16 Balinteer service, which will allow you to alight at the Omni Shopping Centre.

Metro Hotel Dublin Airport

This site is slightly further away than the Crowne Plaza but sits as a good reserve option. The car park is again open all day, Monday through to Sunday. Only full-day tickets are available at this facility, which are priced at €4. Therefore, this car park will work out to be slightly more expensive.

Walking will take roughly 25 minutes. Head eastbound down Santry Avenue, following the road until you arrive at the Sword Street junction. The route then converges with the journey from the Crowne Plaza Airport, so just follow Sword Street in a southbound direction until you arrive at the shopping centre.

Alternatively, there are multiple bus services that connect this area of Santry to the Omni Shopping Centre. The most appropriate to exploit would be the 17A Howth Junction route, which can be taken from Santry Avenue bus stop, around 50m from the car park’s location. This service will drop you off at Santry Avenue Industrial Estate. From here, head in the same direction of travel down Santry Avenue, turning right onto Sword Street. Follow guidance as above.

As referenced, further viable parking facilities are limited, but if you would like to consider more options, please visit the relevant Parkopedia page.


There are a number of services that pass-through Santry, including buses originating in Central Dublin and beyond. If travelling from outside Santry and its surrounding area, we would advise taking one of the following routes:

1: This service heads northbound through Dublin city. Please exit this route at Shanowen Road bus stop. From here, the shopping centre is easily accessible by heading eastbound on Shanowen Road, turning left onto Sword Street, and following the road northwards for about 250m. The shopping centre will be on your left-hand side.

33: This is another route that commences in Dublin. If taking this service, please be aware that there are numerous stops on this transit line. There will be around twenty stops before the bus arrives at Omni Shopping Centre.

41/41C: These services follow a very similar route to the 33, and again has plenty of stops on its journey. Please once again alight at the shopping centre.

If using an alternative local service, please head for one of the bus stops articulated above. If these cannot be reached, you could head for Sword Road bus stop, which is positioned around 200m south of the shopping centre.


Unfortunately, there is no local train station in Santry. Furthermore, given the distances between this area and the next feasible station, we would encourage you not to travel by train. However, if this is your only option, please use Drumcondra Train Station. Killester and Clontarf Road stations are also situated in relative proximity to Santry, but onwards travel from Drumcondra is by far the most efficient.

Drumcondra is around 3.5km from the testing venue, but you should be able to reach this destination within fifteen minutes of leaving the train station. Take the 41/41C Swords Manor bus from the station’s bus stop, and leave the bus at Omni Shopping Centre.

Despite being a modest-sized station, Drumcondra welcomes services from Dublin, Longford, Maynooth, Sligo, and the M3 Parkway station in Co. Meath. For travel advice and departure & arrival information, please visit the Irish Rail website.

Station address:

Lower Drumcondra Road