Mullingar Theory Test Centre

Mullingar Theory Test Centre Address

The location of the test centre for driver theory test candidates is:

4 Castle Street,
N91 ET38



Mullingar is accessible via the N4 or N52. However, please note that each of these roads will guide you towards the east end of the town, with considerable onwards travel to the town centre (where the test venue is situated). There are a number of parking facilities in close proximity to the test centre, we’ve listed a couple of well-priced options below.

Friars Mill Road Car Park

Located in the heart of Mullingar, Friars Mill Road is a short, two-minute walk from the venue. This site is open all day, every day, but only has set chargeable hours. These are 9.30am-5.30pm, Monday through to Saturday. Therefore, parking is free outside of this timeframe.

This is a maximum stay car park. However, given its closeness to the test centre, you’ll have more than enough time to journey to the venue, take your test, and return to your vehicle, prior to the two-hour limit expiring.

Parking is charged at a modest €0.50 per every 30 minutes, and therefore, if leaving your vehicle here, you’ll not spend over €2. This facility operates under the Parking Tag system, allowing customers to pay for parking via a payment line. To purchase your ticket using this method, please call 01-244-9999, or text 53311, and quote the Location ID (WMESB). Alternatively, you can by cash, but please be aware that card payment is not accepted at this site. Disabled spaces are available.

To access the test centre from here, please head west down Friars Mill Road, turning left just before the roundabout. Continue onto Castle Street, walking southbound for approximately 100m. The venue will be on your right-hand side.

Harbour Place Shopping Centre Car Park

If Friars Mill Road is full, please head to Harbour Place Shopping Centre. There are over 500 spaces located at this site, so parking should not be problem!

In similarity to Friars Mill, Harbour Place operates a chargeable hour’s framework, but is still accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week. However, this timeframe does differ slightly to Friars Mill, with parking charged between the hours of 8.30am-6.00pm, Monday-Saturday.

Parking costs €1 for a three-hour stay, and costs an extra €1 if requiring an extra hour beyond this period. However, payment is capped at €4. Therefore, if planning to extend you stay in Mullingar for longing than the time it takes to conduct your test, then this car park would certainly provide a cost-effective solution. Whether you park for four hours or more, you’ll never pay over €4.

Please note that this is a cash-only facility. Disabled parking is accommodated at this site.

The onward journey to the venue consists of a 250m, three-minute walk. Please exit the Shopping Centre onto Harbour Street, turning left at the immediate roundabout which presents itself. Advance southbound on Harbour Street, going straight ahead at the next roundabout onto Castle Street. The centre is around 100m from here, positioned to your right.

For further local parking options, and to access information about their respective charges and distance from the test centre, please click the following link.


There are unfortunately no major bus transit lines that stop in Mullingar. Therefore, if living outside the town, it would be better to pursue different travel options. However, if using a local service, please head for one of the following bus stops:

  • Castle Street Stop: This bus stop is located just outside the test centre itself. After exiting the bus, you’ll find yourself about 20m from the venue’s front door.
  • Austin Friars Street Stop: This location is around a four-minute walk to the test centre. To reach the testing venue, please head west on Austin Friars Street, continuing in this direction as the road merges with Pearse Street. Turn right at the roundabout, and progress northbound on Castle Street. The test site is roughly 50m away, on your left-hand side.
  • Butler’s Stop: If the bus stops listed above are not viable options, please head for Butlers Stop on Grand Parade. This is almost a one kilometre walk from the venue, but there are unfortunately no appropriate onwards bus connections. If comfortable with this distance, please progress south-east down Grand Parade, going straight ahead at the roundabout and onto College Street. Continue, using the bridge to head over the Royal Canal, and once again going straight on at a roundabout. This will take you onto Bishops Gate Street. Advance eastbound until you arrive at the next roundabout, but on this occasion take a right. The venue is about 100m from here, up on your right-hand side.


Mullingar Train Station is approximately 750m away from the test centre; it should take you just under ten minutes to navigate this route. Walking or public transport options are available from this site.

Walking: Head northbound, parallel to the canal, turning right at Greenbank bridge and continuing onto Dominick Street. Advance eastbound on Dominick Street, going straight on at the roundabout to arrive onto Oliver Plunkett Street. Continue for another 450m, before turning left onto Castle Street. The venue will be 50m up on your left-hand side.

Bus: Use the Railway Station bus stop, located around 50m north of the station exit. Catch the 155 IFSC service to Austin Friar Street. From here, turn 180° back on yourself, and head west towards Pearse Street. At the roundabout, turn right onto Castle Street. Again, the test centre is 50m away, on the left-hand side of the road.

Mullingar’s station receives traffic from Dublin, Sligo, Maynooth, Longford, and the M3 Parkway station. Therefore, the town has good connectivity to a range of external towns and cities.

If you require further information about the services which facilitate travel to the places listed above, or indeed would like departure and arrival times in relation to Mullingar Train Station, please visit the relevant Irish Rail page.

Station address:

Green Bridge,
Co. Westmeath

Opening Hours

Mullingar’s testing venue operates between the following times:

  • Monday-Friday: 9.00am-5.00pm
  • Saturday: 9.00am-2.00pm
  • Please note that this site is closed on a Sunday.