Cavan Theory Test Centre

Cavan Theory Test Centre Address

The location of the test centre for driver theory test candidates is:

Unit B6 Ground Floor,
Corlurgan Business Park,
H12 DP86



Cavan’s theory test venue is accessible via the N55 and has close links to the N3. The site is around 3km south of Cavan town centre, at Corlurgan Business Park. Unfortunately, this makes any form of travel to the test centre extremely challenging.

If aiming to drive, please be aware that there are no parking facilities in close proximity to the venue. Furthermore, parking in Cavan itself is extremely limited. Therefore, we would encourage you to utilize an appropriate public transport service.

Cavan Town Car Park

If driving is essential, then please head to Cavan Town Car Park, located in the heart of Cavan’s shopping district. Unless you’re comfortable taking on the 3km walk, please use the C2 Ballinagh Health Centre bus service for your onwards journey. This bus departs from the Town Centre ‘White Star’ bus stop.

To reach this stop, please exit the car park and turn right up Cock Hill. On arrival to the first junction, turn left onto Main Street and continue for around 100m. At the end of the road, turn right, and continue for 30m. The ‘White Star’ bus stop will be on your right-hand side. The bus journey will take roughly five minutes, and drop you off outside Corlurgan Business Park.


There are two main external bus routes that run in relative proximity to the test centre. These are the number 109X, and the 30.

If using a local service, please be aware that there is a significant distance between the two Corlurgan Bus Stops positioned on either side of the carriageway. Routes heading southbound will terminate just outside the business park, whereas services travelling northbound will drop passengers off around 600m from the site. Therefore, if using buses that originate to the south of the test centre, please factor in an additional ten minutes travel time, as you’ll need to walk the remaining distance from the bus stop to the venue.

109X: This service heads between South Dublin and Cavan. Please exit at Breffni Retail Park stop. To walk, the full journey will take approximately 35 minutes. From the Breffni bus stop, head west on Dublin Road for around 100m, turning left onto Ballinagh Road as Dublin Road breaks to the right. Continue down Ballinagh Road, heading straight on at the roundabout and onto the N55. After reaching the N55, you’ll need to continue a further 250m, before turning left into the business park. This full journey will take approximately 35 minutes.

If you feel more comfortable taking the bus, then please follow the initial guidance above, heading southbound down Ballinagh Road. After about 500m, you’ll be able to see Creighan Lidl bus stop, just outside the supermarket. The C2 bus service mentioned earlier can be caught from this stop and will take you on a two-minute journey down to Corlurgan Business Park.

30: This is a cross-country service, operating between Dublin and Donegal. If using this route, please alight at Cavan Bus Station. From here, you’ll be able to once again take the C2 Ballinagh Health Centre service to the business park. This route takes roughly eleven minutes.

If using a service affiliated with Cavan’s local bus network, please head for one of the aforementioned bus stops and follow the previous guidance accordingly. You may also potentially consider services running from Ballinagh centre. If so, use the bus stop located just outside the Garda station, and catch the C2 service as it heads in the opposite direction, towards Cavan Hospital. Please exit this bus at Corlurgan Business Park bus stop. However, as this is a northbound route, please remember that there is an additional ten-minute walk to the business park from this stop.


Cavan no longer has an operational train station. Therefore, if hoping to travel by train, please use Longford Train Station. However, please note that this is a considerable distance from Corlurgan Business Park, and will require significant onwards travel time.

Edgeworthstown Train Station is geographically closer to the test centre, but connecting services to Corlurgan run through Longford. Therefore, it’s more efficient to head directly to Longford station.

Total travel time from Longford station to the test venue will take upwards of 1 hour and 40 minutes. Take the 865 Granard service from the train station bus stop, which will drop you off in Granard after an initial half-hour journey. From here, please catch the 111A Cavan service up to Ballinagh. Please then follow the Ballinagh bus guidance noted earlier.

Longford Train Station welcomes services from Dublin, Maynooth, and the M3 Parkway. For more information about station facilities or to plan your route journey, please visit the Irish Rail website.

Opening Hours

Unfortunately, Cavan’s theory test centre does not advertise its operational hours. Therefore, please just arrive at the venue in time for your testing slot.