Ballina Theory Test Centre

Ballina Theory Test Centre Address

The location of the test centre for driver theory test candidates is:

Bury Central,
Market Lane,
F26 XN99



If choosing to drive to Ballina, please head for either the N59 or N26, which both give direct access to the town centre. The theory test site is located in the heart of Ballina within the ‘Bury Central’ building, but parking options are unfortunately rather limited. Furthermore, the two local car parks nearby facilitate less than 40 vehicles at any given time, so opting for public transport may prove wise.

Ballina Train Station Car Park

The local train station car park operates between 6.00 am-10.00 pm, Monday to Sunday. Its major advantage is that parking here is absolutely free. However, as alluded to above, please note that this facility only has 30 spaces, including those which accommodate disabled parking.

The test centre is around a nine-minute walk from this site. Turn left out of the station and progress northbound up the N26 for around 600m. Turn right onto Bury Street and advance 50m, before turning left onto Market Lane. Bury Central will be located on your left-hand side.

McGowan’s Funeral Home Car Park

If the station car park is full, please try this alternative site. This facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Parking is charged at a rate of €0.50 per hour, however, if planning to extend your stay in Ballina, 24-hour tickets are available for the modest price of €2.

Again, please be aware that spaces are limited here, with only 35 vehicles (including disabled parkers) permitted.

To pay for parking, you’ll be able to use cash, card (although not via a contactless transaction), or the APCOA Connect payment line. To use the APCOA service, please call 0861801630, and reference the car park’s location ID, 1128.

To access Bury Central, head west along the riverfront for approximately 100m, before turning right up Tolan Street. Continue until you reach O’Rahilly Street junction, and turn left. At the end of O’Rahilly Street, head right onto Bury Street and advance 50m. Finally, turn right into Market Lane, where you’ll see the test centre up on your left-hand side.


There are four main external transit lines that service Ballina town centre, approaching from the south and east. These are the 22, 430, 52, SL11. If you are local to the town and able to take advantage of a local route, please aim to land at one of the bus stops shown below.

  • 22: The number 22 heads cross-country from Dublin, travelling west. If using this service, please exit at Ballina Bus Station, which is where your bus will terminate. This stop is around 100m north of the town’s train station, so please just tweak the earlier car park guidance for onwards travel to the test centre.
  • 430: This service operates between Galway and Ballina. Please alight at the Circular Road bus stop, which is again the last destination on this route. In navigating to the venue, please head south down the N59, turning right at the roundabout. Continue along Pearse Street, which merges with O’Rahilly Street after circa 250m. From here, the route converges with the journey from McGowan’s Funeral Home Car Park.
  • 52: This is almost identical service to the 430. However, on this occasion, the route will lead you to Ballina Bus Station. Please follow the onwards travel instructions above.
  • SL11: This route heads westbound from Sligo, terminating in Ballina. Once again, exit at the last stop, which is located in front of Dunnes retail store. This site is located across the road from Circular Road bus stop, so please refer back to comments in relation to the 430 service.

If you require any further information in relation to these services, please click the following link to access Moovit’s Ballina dashboard page.


Ballina Train Station welcomes services travelling between Dublin and Westport. For further station information and departure and arrival times, please visit the Irish Rail website.

Please follow the guidance given in the train station car park notes for onwards travel to the test venue.

Station address:

Station Road,
Co. Mayo

Opening Hours

The Bury Central building is operational at the following times:

  • Monday-Friday: 9.00 am-5.00 pm
  • Saturday: 9.00 am-2.00 pm
  • The venue is closed on Sundays.