Athlone Theory Test Centre

Athlone Theory Test Centre Address

The location of the test centre for driver theory test candidates is:

15 Connaught Street,
N37 X2K4



Athlone is accessible by the N6 and N55. The M6 motorway runs directly into the N6 on the approach to Athlone. There are various parking options in close proximity to the testing venue, all of which are relatively inexpensive. We would recommend the following two sites:

Connaught Street

On-street parking is available at Connaught Street itself, and therefore you’ll be able to park directly next to the test centre.

Parking is chargeable between the hours of 8.30 am-6.30 pm, Monday to Saturday. Any time spent here outside of this timeframe is not subject to any fees. Parking costs €0.80 for one hour, and €1.50 for two hours. The maximum price for parking is capped at €3, so if you’re planning to stay longer than four hours, you won’t incur any additional charges. However, given that your vehicle will be positioned on the same street as the venue, you’ll probably only require a two-hour parking ticket.

Please pay via cash, or through Parking Tag’s dedicated payment line. This can be done by calling 01-244-9999, or texting 53311. For reference, the location ID that you’ll be requested to provide is WACN.

Disabled spaces are available along this road.

Pearse Court

If you would prefer that your vehicle receives some shelter, there are covered spaces available at Pearse Court Car Park. This site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Parking is charged at €1 per hour, but there are 24-hour tickets available at the reasonable price of €5. If you’re planning to extend your stay in Athlone for longer than a day, weekly tickets are available from this car park at a cost of €18.

When paying, please do so by cash or the APCOA Connect service line. To do this, call 0861801630, and quote location ID 0167. Disabled parking is accommodated at this site.

This car park is just a one-minute walk from the test centre. Please head southbound down Pearse Street, before turning right onto Connaught Street. From here, the venue is around 25m on your right-hand side, just beyond T&N solicitors.

If these car parks are full, or if you would prefer to identify further parking options in the local area, please visit the following Parkopedia page.


There are a number of external bus services that can be taken into Athlone, with several arriving in relative proximity to the centre. The key routes are the A1, the number 706.

  • A1: The A1 travels between Kilmartin and Bellanamula, which are just beyond the east and west outskirts of Athlone respectively. This service heads through the heart of Athlone, and therefore directly passed the test centre on Connaught Street. Please exit the bus at the Connaught Street bus stop, which is situated just across the road from the test building.
  • 706: The 706 heads westbound from Dublin Airport to Galway. If using this service, please alight at Arcadia Shopping Centre. This site is located around 1.6km from the testing venue and is therefore a considerable onwards journey.

If walking, you should allow for around 20 minutes of additional travel time. Head southbound down Auburn Villas, joining Northgate Street as you progress towards the town centre. At the end of the road, turn right to head over the River Shannon, using the Custume Bridge. After navigating the bridge, turn left down Castle Street, which loops around into High Street. From here, continue westbound down Hight Street, which merges into Bastion Street, then O’Connell Street, before eventually converging with Connaught Street. In alignment with earlier instructions, after walking beyond Pearse Street, the test centre will be located around 25m away.

There are two possible bus routes that can be utilised from the Arcadia Shopping Centre. The quickest option is to once again head down to Northgate Street, but this time take the A1 Bellanamullia (as shown above) service from Northgate Street bus stop (located about 150m away from the end of Northgate Street). This will take you on a three-minute journey to Connaught Street. The entire route will take just over fifteen minutes.

Alternatively, you can catch the A1 service directly from the shopping centre bus stop. However, this will take you on a protracted route to Barrack Street Church stop, which is around a five-minute walk from the test venue. If opting for this journey, head southbound from the bus stop towards the roundabout, and turn left onto Barrack Street itself. Continue westbound for around 100m, where you’ll then marge onto Pearse Street. Head southbound, passing the Pearse Street Car Park. Please then follow the guidance outlined in the earlier notes. This journey will take around ten minutes longer than using the alternative route documented above.

If using a local Athlone service, please either head to Connaught Street, Arcadia Shopping Centre, or the Barrack Street Church bus stop. There is also the option of travelling to Athlone Bus Station, which is roughly a fifteen-minute walk from the test centre. To locate the venue from here, head west along South Station Road, merging with Northgate Street as you turn left at the roundabout. Please then follow the guidance from Northgate Street previously mentioned. However, it’s perhaps easier to take the A1 bus from the station, which will drop you off at Connaught Street within six minutes.


Athlone train station is located adjacently to the town’s bus station. Therefore, please follow the earlier guidance for onwards travel to the test centre. Despite its relative remoteness, Athlone facilitates services from Dublin, Limerick, and Galway.

For further information about Athlone station, and arrival and departure times, please visit the Irish rail website.

Station address:

Southern Station Road,
Cloghanboy West,
Co. Westmeath,

Opening Hours

The site operates between the following times:

  • Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
  • Saturday: 9am-2pm
  • Sunday: Closed.