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Driver Theory Test

You have 45 minutes to answer 40 multiple choice driver theory test questions. The pass mark is 35. You may check your answers as you progress or wait for your final score after finishing your test. Best of luck!

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Driver Theory Test Practice

Below are 21 driver theory practice tests which cover the entire question bank of almost 800 questions. For each of these tests, you have 45 minutes to answer 40 questions. You must score 35 to pass. Please sign up if you would like to track your progress.

Driver Theory Tests by Topic

These tests contain questions associated with specific topics. We have broken some of the larger categories up into smaller tests. You can also view a list of these questions here.

Driver Theory Test Revision Question Lists

We have broken up the driver theory test questions and answers in the revision bank into easy-to-view lists. You can save the questions as you work through them. You will need to sign up for an account in order to view your saved questions.

About the Driver Theory Test

In order to obtain a full Irish driving licence, you must first take and pass the driver theory test. The driver theory test in Ireland is a computer-based assessment that assesses your knowledge of all aspects of motoring. It is based on current road traffic legislation and the Rules of the Road – the official road user guide which forms the basis of road safety in Ireland. This can be downloaded here:

The questions that you will come across are knowledge-based and will be randomly chosen from a bank of almost 800 questions from five categories. These categories are:

  • Control of vehicle
  • Legal matters/rules of the road
  • Managing risk
  • Safe and responsible driving
  • Technical matters

How the Driver Theory Test Works

The driver theory test is taken on a computer, using a touch screen or a mouse and keyboard. You don’t need to be highly proficient at using computers to take the test. Prior to the start of the test, you will be shown a short tutorial that will provide you with instructions on how the test works. In order to familiarise yourself with the test, you will be given the option to answer two practice questions. If you have any questions or concerns at this point, staff will be on hand to help.

The test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and has a time limit of 45 minutes. Each question has four possible answers. Only one of these answers is correct. There is a square box next to each option. You need to tick the one which you think is the correct answer. If you change your mind about an answer, you may choose another one. If you’re unsure about a question, you may skip it and return to it at a later stage. Before finishing the test, you can review your answers and change any you’re unsure about. If you have answered all the questions to the best of your ability with time to spare, you can end the test and leave early.

In order to pass the test, you need to score 35 out of 40.

Test Day

Watch the following about what to expect at the test centre on the day of your test:

YouTube video

There are five steps of the driver theory test process:


You should plan to arrive at the centre 15 minutes before your test appointment time. You will be welcomed by members of staff and your appointment time will be confirmed. Please note, if you arrive late for your driver theory test, you won’t be allowed to sit the exam and you will lose your test fee. Please also bear in mind that you won’t be allowed to bring anybody to accompany you at the test centre. If you bring someone with you, they will have to wait outside.


Remember to bring the correct form of identification with you. Any one of the following forms of identification will suffice:

  • Public Services Card (PSC)
  • Passport (Irish passports and other passports valid for international use only)
  • Irish Passport Cards
  • National Identity Card from EU/EEA Member States or Switzerland

If you do not present any valid forms of identification at the test centre, you won’t be permitted to sit the exam and you’ll lose your fee.


You will then be checked in and asked to provide the required proof of your identity. You cannot take personal belonging into the test room so staff will give you a key for a secure locker.


When it’s time to take your test, you will be introduced to the Test Centre Administrator (TCA). You will be asked to provide your signature once more and have your photograph taken.

The test

Once your test details are confirmed, the Test Centre Administrator will show you to your workstation and explain how the computer equipment works. You will then start the test. There will be a short tutorial that you may use to become familiar with how the test works. If at any time you need assistance or have a problem, raise your hand and the administrator will assist you.

The result

Soon after finishing the test, the administrator will hand you a score report.

Test Results

You will receive your test result shortly after finishing the driver theory test at the test centre. You will be given a score report with your results. This report will list the five categories of questions and tell you how well you did in each of them.


If you pass, you will be presented with a pass certificate. You will now be able to apply for your Learner Permit. This can be done on the National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) website. You will need your Public Services Card and verified MyGovID to proceed with your online application. You can then start learning how to drive on Irish roads.

Your certificate will be valid for two years from the date you pass your driver theory test. If you don’t apply for your Learner Permit within this time period, you will have to pay for and retake the test.

Lost theory test certificate

If you lose your driver theory test certificate, you can request a replacement by calling the Candidate Service Team on 1890 606 106 (Lo-call rate). They are available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM (excluding public holidays). You will need to provide your name, address, date of birth and test confirmation number. You will find the test confirmation number in the letter or e-mail you received after you booked your test. You will be charged a non-refundable fee of €15 for a replacement certificate. Payment can be made by Mastercard or Visa Credit/Debit Cards.


If you fail, the report will list the categories where improvement is required. You should go away and practice these topics before applying to take another driver theory test. You will need to wait 3 working days before you can sit another theory test. For example, if you sat the test on Monday, the soonest you could take another test would be Friday.

There is no limit to how many times you can take the test.

Appealing a result

If you’re unhappy with the outcome of your results, you have the right to appeal. You can do so by:

  1. Speaking to the driver theory test supervisor and completing an appeal form at the test centre before you leave; or
  2. Contacting the Candidate Service Team on 1890 606 106 (Lo-call rate) who will ask you to complete and return an appeal form via email. The Candidate Service Team are available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM (excluding public holidays).

You have a maximum of 10 working days from the date of your test to appeal the result. After your request is received, your test will be re-marked. You will receive the results of this within 5 to 10 working days. If you decide to appeal, you will be charged a €15 fee which will be refunded to you if the result is overturned. Payment can be made by Mastercard or Visa Credit/Debit Cards.

If the original result was found to be incorrect, you will be provided with a new driver theory test certificate.

Driver Theory Test Booking

There are several ways in which you can book your driver theory test. The easiest way is to do it online.

To book online, go to and register your details. You will need one of the following forms of identification to book the test:

  • Public Services Card (with photograph)
  • Passports (valid for international use only or up to maximum of 12 months expired)
  • Irish Passport Cards (valid for international use, not expired and in good condition)
  • National Identity Card from EU/EEA Member States or Switzerland
  • Irish Category B (Car) or Category A (Motorcycle) Learner Permit or Full Driving Licence (in good condition)

Note: when making your booking, the name that you use must exactly match the one presented on your ID. If they don’t match, you won’t be allowed to sit your test and you will lose your booking fee.

When applying for the test, you will be asked about the category of theory test you wish to undertake. Most candidates will choose driver theory test category B for the car theory test. The other categories are outlined below:

Driver Theory Test Category Exam Name Learner Permit / Driving Licence Category
  • Motorcycle Moped Theory Test
  • Moped Theory Test
A, A1, A2 and AM
  • Car Theory Test
  • Tractor & Work Vehicles Theory Test
B, BE and W
  • Truck Theory Test
C, CE, C1 and C1E
  • Bus Theory Test
D, DE, D1 and D1E
  • Combined Truck & Bus Theory Test
C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE, D1 and D1E

Test Centres

When booking your test, you will have over 40 driver theory test centres to choose from throughout Ireland. You can choose the one most convenient to you during the booking process. Appointment times will vary from centre to centre. You will be able to view and choose an appropriate slot when booking.

There are test centres in the following locations:


The cost of the car driver theory test is €45. The cost for other categories of theory test is outlined below:

Category Cost
Car / motorcycle / moped / tractor and work vehicles
Category A or B
Truck / bus
Category C or D
Combined truck and bus
Category CD

You can pay for your booking via Mastercard or Visa Credit/Debit Cards. Alternatively, payment can be made through cheque or postal order.

Once you have completed your booking, you will receive confirmation of your appointment time, date and location via e-mail or post.

By phone

Alternatively, you can make your booking over the phone by contacting the Candidate Service Team on 1890 606 106 (Lo-call rate). Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM (excluding public holidays).

By post

You can also book your driver theory test by post. To do so, please download the application form here:

Driver Theory Test Application Form (PDF; 172kb)

You will need to print out the document, fill it in and return it to the following address:

Driver Theory Test
PO Box 15
Co. Louth

Languages other than English

As well as English and Irish, voiceover support is available for the following languages:

  • Polish
  • Russian (car theory test only)
  • Lithuanian (car theory test only)
  • Arabic (car and motorcycle theory test only)

You will need to request this additional support when booking your driver theory test.

At the following test centres, translator supported tests are available for candidates who don’t speak or understand English or Irish:

  • Dublin Central
  • Dublin North (Santry)
  • Sligo, Waterford
  • Cork
  • Galway
  • Limerick

Candidates needing this support must provide evidence for their requirements. Call the Candidate Service Team on 1890 606 106 for further information or e-mail

Additional Support

If you require additional support for your driver theory test, there are various options available:

  1. Voiceover – if you have reading difficulties, voiceover support is available whereby questions and answers are read out through headphones
  2. Extra time
  3. Reader recorder service – a member of staff will be available to read questions and answers out to you, and record your answer on the computer
  4. Dyslexia support
  5. Translation/interpreter services (see previous section)

The voiceover option can be selected when making your booking online or over the phone. If you require any of the other options from the list above (2-5), you must:

  • make your application by post; and
  • enclose a letter of evidence on official headed paper by a relevant professional such as a doctor or teacher confirming your requirements.

This should be sent to:

Driver Theory Test
PO Box 15
Co. Louth

Should you need further information, call the Candidate Service Team on 1890 606 106 or e-mail

Cancelling or Rescheduling your Test

You can reschedule or cancel your driver theory test booking, providing you do so no more than 24 hours before your test appointment. You can do so online here:

Alternatively, get in touch with the Candidate Services Team on 1890 606 106 to arrange the cancellation/rescheduling.

If you don’t turn up for your test or you cancel with less than 24 hours to spare, you will lose your test booking fee.